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Julian Antonio Martinez is a true American success story. He was born into a hardworking family in the Dominican Republic, the oldest of six siblings. Wanting a better life for their children, Julian’s parents immigrated to the United States in 1965. Once they were able to establish themselves in New York, his parents were able to reunite their family in the U.S. a few years later.

Always a hard worker, Julian worked two part-time jobs while attending high school. He cleaned offices and mopped floors, making just $1.60 an hour. The hours were long, and the work wasn’t glamorous, but he established strong work ethic. After graduating, he attended a trade school to become an automotive technician.

In 1978, he married his high school sweetheart Carmen. With nothing but a dream and hope for the future, they moved to Houston to start a new life. Julian drove to the local BMW dealership two hours before it opened to inquire about a job. He was hired on the spot and worked his way up to be one of the dealership’s top technicians.

In 1985, Julian ventured out to start his own business. Today, Julian runs a multi-million-dollar car dealer & service center dedicated to serving the Houston community. Julian prides himself on going the extra mile for his customers and building friendships with those who walk through the door.

In their 44 years of marriage, Julian and Carmen have been blessed with three children and four grandchildren. As a Bible-believing Christian, Julian raised his children to love God, go to church, and become followers of Christ. He taught them how to work and study hard; and to dream big and be persistent. Julian worked six days a week in order to provide a debt free education for children. All three of his children have degrees from Texas colleges and have joined him in the family business. Both of his sons earned mechanical engineering degrees, one from UT-Austin and the other from Texas A&M. His youngest earned a business and an engineering technology degree from HCC.


Achieving the American dream has not been easy, but Julian has never let failure keep him down. Through economic downturns and difficult circumstances, he’s taken the necessary steps to stay ahead and keep his corporation successful and thriving. As a businessman, he believes in stewarding the resources God has given him to further the greater good. That’s why his business supports numerous Christian organizations, churches, schools, homeless shelters, orphanages and youth athletic programs.

Julian wants to further his impact by running for mayor and representing the best interests of the people of Houston. Julian loves a challenge and is determined to make positive changes in Houston. With your help, we can dream big and achieve more than we thought possible!

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