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Do career politicians effectively represent their constituents? No, It’s time for congressional term limits. Congressional approval ratings from the American public are at an all-time low. In many circumstances, career politicians forget the reason they were first elected and instead only worry about reelections. We should have leaders who always have the pulse of their constituents in mind. Congressional leaders should serve the public in D.C. for a limited time, and then move on to pursue other endeavors.


My youngest child, who today has two college degrees, was born premature at 26 weeks and spent an extended stay in the NICU. After running out of coverage and money for the NICU stay, we had an in-house nurse and oxygen tanks at the house for over a year. Every life is precious and made in God’s image. We have a duty to protect the life of the unborn unless the woman’s physical life is endangered. I am Pro-Life.


We need to prioritize education. It is one of the building blocks of this country. I support school choice and vouchers. Parents should have the right to send their child to a better school if their child merits it. Trade schools are a great alternative to college for students seeking a different route that can provide an economically rewarding career.


Have you gotten a surprise bill months later after a procedure? We need to find a solution to have transparent pricing for procedures. Insurance companies need to be transparent with billing and claims reimbursement process. The price of health care can be reduced by allowing competition across state lines and allowing more generic pharmaceutical competition to bring down the cost of prescriptions.


My family, customers and business were drastically affected by Hurricane Harvey. Our aging infrastructure in Houston, and across the United States, is in desperate need of repair and modernization. By investing federal dollars in Houston’s infrastructure, we can prevent catastrophic damage from natural disasters in the future. It is more expensive to repair after the disaster happens than taking careful measures to prepare beforehand.


 I support the protection of our second amendments rights


As a husband, father and Hispanic immigrant and local businessman, I support President Trump.

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